Top 5 Benefits of Using G Suite (Infographic)

View Your Shared Contacts for Gmail® Detailed Billing Information

Increased Awareness of Licenses & Renewal Cost

From now on, Administrators of Shared Contacts for Gmail® app can :
-See the exact amount of licences in their domain
-Check their renewal date and cost
-Upgrade to a new plan
-Add licences
-Change their payment information and communication preferences

All they have to do is click where it says “Billing
billing 1.jpg
Once you do so, you will be able to see all your information! 

 A New Way to Control All Your Billing Information

 billing info 2 .jpg

We want to make the most of our users’ experience and this is why we created a brand new way to see more information about your subscription! Now you will be able to manage all your subscription details in a single place.

Change your Communication preferences

Update your profile, in case your information is missing or there is something inaccurate or outdated:
profile .jpg

Change your payment information

payment info .jpg
Change or Add a payment method in the “Payment Information” section, in case your card expired or you only wanted to use one payment method in the past but wouldn’t like to be charged this way again.

Or simply continue to the app!

Share Contacts for Gmail® understands how critical it is to maintain your information updated and safe. So now you can have complete freedom of giving the app a chance, but with YOUR control!

How to Share Contact Share Your Contacts with External Users (Other Domains or !

Remember when you couldn’t share your contacts with users outside your domain? Well… Now we can laugh about that because Shared Contacts for Gmail® released a brand new feature that lets you share your contact groups with users of other G Suite domains or users, literally like you share a Google Doc… With a Shareable link or an Email!
Last June this became possible, and it’s time for you to learn how to do it:

Open Shared Contacts for Gmail®, select the group you want to share and follow the same process you normally would to share with the rest of the users within your domain
Type the Gmail address or external G Suite address you want to share the group with

Notice that once you select the user outside your domain the option to send them a message will be enabled (do not deselect it!). Now go ahead and click on “Share”

What’s happening on the other side? 

The user outside your domain will receive a message similar to this one:

In order to receive the shared group, the user outside your domain must click on the link and accept the shared group. 
Once that is done, the group of contacts will be shared, and you can even manage permissions (read only, can edit, etc.) in the app for the user, just like any other! 

An alternative way to share a group

If you would like to send your own email instead of sending an automated invitation, click where it says “Get Shareable Link

You will have a pop-up screen that allows you to copy and paste the link of the group you want to share, or you can click with it says “Send

If you clicked on “Send” the window to compose your message will appear and you can edit it!

So go ahead and start sharing!!!

Note: You can enjoy of this feature with the Enterprise plan. Feel free to give it a try!!

How to Share Gmail Contacts with their Pictures

Why are your contact photos so important? 

Have it ever happened to you that you have a bunch of contacts in your phone but you barely can remember who they are? Don’t feel bad. When it comes to linking faces and names, our brains are better at storing visual data, such as a face, than a briefly heard name. “We are visual creatures" and this is also why your contacts on your smartphone, Gmail and any social media platform have a field for you or the people you know to add a picture (or to automatically retrieve it from other profiles).

How can Shared Contacts for Gmail help? 

There's a new feature:  Now you can update the pictures of your contacts and synchronize them with rest of the users you shared the contact with! Therefore, when a user searches for a contact by typing his/her email address, any profile photo associated with this address will appear automatically.

Can't see the picture of a contact but your colleagues do?

No biggie! Then depending on the permissions you assign to them, you can receive the update of the picture as well.An update like this seems like a tiny detail, but it can make a huge difference when trying to remember & connect with these contacts, therefore strengthening your bonds!

Stop having irrelevant Google Contacts in your phone!


Lili is the admin of Shared Contacts for Gmail® and she works in an insurance company that has about 150 employees sharing more than 15,000 contacts. She had all these (mostly irrelevant) contacts showing up on her phone, which is overwhelming! But now, Lili has the freedom to decide which groups she wants to see in her own cellphone. What a relief!

Freedom for Administrators

Shared Contacts for Gmail® has the option for "My Contacts Folder Sync"! So now, admins can choose for any users (including themselves) which contact groups to show in mobile devices and Outlook! All you have to do is turn on or off the switch button in the specific group!
lili admin .jpg

A company address book contains some of the most valuable information you have, and it is critical that this information is maintained, updated and kept safe - by the people who do it best. Just install the app on Shared Contacts for Gmail® and start sharing right away!

How to Share Multiple Contact Groups at Once?

You already can share your contacts with any Gmail or Google Apps user with  Shared Contacts for Gmail®But let's say you have 50 groups to share with 200 users with specific permissions. This would imply at least 10,000 manual operations to have the job done.  
The list of them is so long that you worry it will take you forever! 
Stop stressing because Shared Contacts for Gmail® said 'NO MORE'! Last December, a new feature was released to help you save valuable time. Now you can share several groups of contacts with your users with a few clicks. 

How to Share Multiple Groups?

Press the 'Ctrl' or 'Shift' key of your keyboard 

Click on the groups that you want to share one by one (do not stop pressing the 'Ctrl' key while you do that!) 
Click on the yellow round button to add new users and just share! 

Can I share multiple groups with multiple users at the same time? 

If you want to share multiple groups with several users, then click HERE to know how. 

Happy Sharing!!!