Google Tip: How to create your own email templates in Gmail

How to create your own email templates

You already know why email templates are so beneficial: you can structure your messages by creating them and you can save valuable time. If you find yourself using the same email multiple times, copying/pasting it, or even rewriting it (!) say no more! If you  follow  the steps below, you will be able to  create your own templates at Gmail!

Copy and paste your template into an email or do it directly when you click on “Compose
Close your draft and go to your “Settings

Click on the tab of the top that says “Labs

Search in the labs for “canned responses” and enable the lab. Then click on “Save changes

Go back to your drafts and select the one you made.
Then click on the small arrow of the bottom right, next to the trash bin

Look for the option that says “canned responses” and then click where it says “New Canned Response
Type the name of your canned response and click on “OK” !
Now that you have saved your canned response, every time you want to reply to someone with that message or you want to send a new email, you just have to click on the canned response you saved and voila! There is your template!

Shared Contacts for Gmail: A powerful tool for successful networking

Shared Contacts for Gmail: A powerful tool for successful networking

Let’s face it, networking has become one of the most important practices today not just in business but on a daily basis. In order to maintain relationships and acquire the ones that are convenient for our organizations, or that will enrich our  personal lives in any kind of way, we need to engage into constant communication. This is especially true since the emergence of social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin and other platforms.

Derek Coburn is a financial advisor that started a successful management practice which he has been running since 1998. Coburn wrote on his website that he began “using non-traditional networking strategies, which included creating an informal networking group” consisting of his best clients and their top advisors, to triple his revenue and improve the quality of his business and his life.

Traditional Networking isn’t working anymore…

In his book, Coburn explained that “traditional networking isn’t working anymore. For successful 21st century business people, large networking events and the mountains of business cards they produce have become a waste of time and valuable resources. It’s time for a new, modern approach to networking.” But what does all of this have to do with Sharing Contacts for Gmail® anyway?

As stated in their website, Shared Contacts for Gmail® is the simplest solution for sharing your contact groups across your organization or with any Gmail users. Users benefit from sharing, with no limits on the number of contacts, groups or collaborators. Barry Glassman, founder and president of Glassman Wealth Services, a Northern Virginia financial advisory firm, wrote for a review on Coburns book and cited a perfect example on how to make accurate networking:

“If you send out newsletters to your connections, stick to providing information that is relevant and interesting and not overly self-promotional. Otherwise, clogging up people’s inboxes will do more harm than good.”

Shared Contacts for Gmail® will help you to focus on bettering communication.

Shared Contacts for Gmail®  will help you to arrange yourself in  the organization and categorize your groups depending on the kind of people these contain in order to engage in a solid communication and sending them the relevant information that will keep them from disconnecting from you. What is even better, you can create even stronger connections when all of your colleagues can share their additions to that specific group and provide the organization with the relevant information for that contact so everyone else in the company can have it and progress together.

Rebecca Johnson is a marketing and innovation executive and a user from this app. In her words,  Shared Contacts for Gmail®   “has  a simple yet powerful interface. We have many groups and contacts and users are very happy to keep up to date information. Great value for our productivity.”

To find out more about how Shared Contacts for Gmail can benefit you, visit!

6 Ways for keeping in touch with your contacts

6 Ways for keeping in touch with your contacts

You know what they say... "Out of sight, out of mind"! Businesses are all about networking and creating bonds. Whether you have a small enterprise or a big one, it can take up to 6 months for most people to forget that you exist.  

When you do not keep in touch with your clients, they continue to move on and search for someone else to provide them with an answer for their needs. Therefore, in order to reach your full potential, you must keep in touch with your customers. When was the last time you contacted them?

Regardless the industry that you're working at, there are many  ways to keep people focused on you; here's a couple of tips:

1. Remind them that they chose you (and why)

Keep track of your customer's contacts and add as many details as possible in order to recall the uniqueness of that customer, in order to sound personable when reaching out. Then reach them after a certain period of time, like the anniversary of your meeting to catch up! Use this as a chance to charm them back.

2. Congratulate them for their success

With the current technological advances and the takeover of social networks, it  isn't that complicated to know what your clients are up to (that's what LinkedIn is for!).  But in order to be less impersonal, go back to your contact groups and send them an email. Reaching out to a customer during this time can make them feel appreciated and  they might want to continue their relationship with your business in the long term.  

3. Wish them happy birthday

It is a perfect excuse to reach out; celebrate,  and make your customer feel special! To input birthdays into your contact management setup can help you to know the exact date. Once again, if you collect as much information as possible of your contact, you will be able to know better when to reach out.

4. Summarize and recount a meeting

If you tend to call several clients or meet a lot of people face to face, it is recommended to reach out some time later with a message. This lets your contact know that you remember them.  Additionally such reminder, will help them to stay focused on what has been achieved in past encounters and will make that ‘push’ to move forward.  

5. 'Tis the season!

If you haven't started to prepare your business for the holidays, now is the time! In order to make the most of your sales, you can take advantage of a special occasion in the calendar and offer deals or discounts that might benefit your existing customers.

6. Make a  Campaign

If you're having a new product that might interest some of your existing or past customers, sent it out! But don't make it sound automatic or "massive". You could make such campaign targeting certain people in a context where you're trying to follow up.

Customer service and satisfaction should be the focus of these professional bonds. By using Shared Contacts for Gmail®, you can easily keep your groups of contacts organized and updated across your enterprise.

By following up with your clients you’ll set yourself in the spotlight and differ  from your competitors. Go ahead and create stronger relationships with those who chose you on the first place!

New Features for Administrators: Disable My Contacts Sync and View Detailed Billing Information

Shared Contacts for Gmail® now provides enhanced features for Administrators including the option for "My Contacts Folder Sync" and detailed billing information! So now, Admins have all the information they need to ensure the application is running smoothly on their domain and of course allow them to choose whether or not they want to see all those contacts in their My Contacts Folder!

Freedom for Administrators

Until now administrators could not turn off the My Contacts Folder Sync for themselves. So Sanja, the domain admin, had to see all of her domains contacts in her My Contacts Folder. Ugh, what a pain! But now, Sanja has the freedom to decide which groups she wants to see in her own My Contacts Folder:

Increased Awareness of Licenses & Renewal Cost

From now on, Administrators can see in real time the exact amount of licenses for their domain and what the cost will be for the renewal!

Less Confusion When Subscriptions Expire

We want to make the most of our users’ experience and this is why we created a brand new process when a subscription expires - groups get unshared if a customer doesn't renew on time. So, if Sanja is late in renewing her licenses, her users will see their shared groups have disappeared. This will avoid confusion for everyone.

company address book contains some of the most valuable information you have, and it is critical that this information is maintained, updated and kept safe - by the people who do it best. Just install the app on Shared Contacts for Gmail® Google Marketplace install page, and start sharing right away!

Some People Just Aren't Tech Savvy

Shared Contacts for Gmail® has just released another new feature that allows the domain admin to delegate levels of access! So now, some users "Can Edit" their shared contacts, while others can "View Only". No more worrying about "who changed what information" and "which contact details are correct" !! This is a major development and here's why:

Some People Just Aren't Tech Savvy

Olga is always on the road meeting clients, because she's a people person, so she needs all the most recent contact info, all of the time. But Olga isn't too tech savvy and she doesn't maintain the company contact database - that's Roberto's job. So, the domain admin can now share the "Clients" group with Olga and Roberto, but only give Roberto the permission to edit and add contact details:

How Do You Change the Contacts Editing Privileges?

Domain admin, you can assign editing privileges, from the Shared Contacts for Gmail interface®  and it will only take you a second! By limiting certain users to "View Only" and setting others to "Can Edit" , the domain admin can ensure that only the right people are making changes to valuable information. So even if Olga makes a mistake, contact information is always kept safe, secure and up to date by those who do it best!

Why it matters to YOU!

A company address book contains some of the most valuable information you have, and it is critical that this information is maintained, updated and kept safe - by the people who do it best. Just install the app on Shared Contacts for Gmail® Google Marketplace install page, and start sharing right away! Install Shared Contacts for Gmail®

For LECFL, Shared Contacts for Gmail® was the perfect solution

The Lubavitch Educational Center is a school with classes ranging from preschool to high school. The organization uses Google Apps for Education and take advantage of Google Voice to assign and collect homework.

They needed a solution that would sync multiple contact groups (class rosters) across different users’ (teachers) mobile devices.
Teachers needed to identify which students were calling in, so the solution would have to work with Google Voice so that incoming calls appeared with caller ID and teachers could see know who was calling in.

Even though Google Apps provided Google Voice, it did not provide a way to share contact groups across different users in the domain, and they needed to share many groups, in a very specific way:
  • Several address books (lists of students) would be shared with specific teachers, or groups of teachers
  • Different access permissions would be needed to allow the faculty to (edit/read only/delete contacts) as they needed
  • Teachers needed shared contacts appearing on their mobile devices to be detected by Google Voice caller ID
After installing Shared Contacts for Gmail® from the Google Apps Marketplace, the administrator quickly began sharing the class rosters with the teachers.

The shared contacts appeared on their mobile devices right away and were detected by Google Voice for caller ID.
For LECFL, Shared Contacts for Gmail® is the perfect solution. Our teachers have the information they need and we can use our Google App the way we want to.

“Shared Contacts for Gmail® allows our teachers to see class rosters and other contact details right on their mobile devices. So when they receive an incoming call, Google Voice uses the contacts to identify the caller.” , Rabbi Menachem Tauber | Computer Science Teacher