What's new with Shared Contacts for Gmail®?

Waiting is 'out'! Instant Synchronization is 'in' (New Chrome Extension)

In the past, Shared Contacts for Gmail® team have broken all the barriers for their enterprise users, in order to share their contacts seamlessly. But synchronizing contacts in a matter of minutes wasn’t enough. We live now in a world where most things happen in a split second. Therefore sometimes when users wanted to edit or add a change to their contacts , they couldn’t wait for the regular synchronization to push the updates to the whole team. But now changes and additions can appear instantly to all the users that have access to the shared group. That is what the Shared Contacts for Gmail® Sync Booster is all about! 

What is it?

The Gmail Contacts Sync Booster is a Google Chrome extension available to all the Enterprise Shared Contacts for Gmail® users. The extension will most definitely take group & contact sharing to the next level! This extension is used for detecting any change in shared contact groups and triggering the sync process in the Shared Contacts for Gmail® App. 

How to make it work? 

Step 1 
Click here to install the Chrome extension.

Step 2
Once the extension is installed, click on the icon and log in the account you’re using to share your Gmail contacts 

Step 3 
Make sure the users that have 'Add and Edit' or  'Add, Edit and Delete' permission, have installed and logged into the extension as well, repeating the steps above. This way all changes will be instantly synchronized for everyone. 

Step 4 
That’s it! There isn’t a fourth step because once your team installs the extension, you can give an instant boost to your sharing app. You can proceed to make changes in your shared contacts or add new contacts to your shared groups directly. There will be no need to open the app to synchronize the changes or to spend precious minutes for the auto sync to happen. 

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Success Story:The Center for Corrective Exercise & Shared Contacts for Gmail®

Shared Contacts for Gmail® is the simplest solution for sharing your contact groups with any Gmail or G Suite user, just like you share a Google Doc or a Calendar

You can share with no limits of contacts, groups or collaborators across your organization! The Center of Corrective Exercise (CCE) knew that, and they were very happy with the results. 

The Customer 

The Center for Corrective Exercise (CCE) is a center located in California, dedicated to help people reclaim physical mobility & strength, by utilizing advanced chiropractic care, orthopedic massage, and corrective exercise. 

The Challenge 

The organization needed to share client information across the company, in order for them to provide a better service by having organized and updated details on their customers. Since the Google Contact Manager does not allow its users to share several contact groups at the same time, neither synchronize them seamlessly, CCE could not share this information among the organization. Thus, facing a big limitation in order to improve their contact management. 

The Solution 

Andrew Clarke (the CMT of the company), decided to try Shared Contacts for Gmail® in order to solve the matter. Now CCE has the possibility to have organized and updated contact groups with all their client information. Furthermore, the organization can easily distribute the contacts to the appropriate person & the synchronization is fast. 

What did they say? 

“This app is awesome! It does exactly what I wanted it to do - share our company client information across our company platform” - Andrew Clark 

Are you experiencing the same issue Andrew had? 
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Success Story: Gemstar Construction & Shared Contacts for Gmail®

Shared Contacts for Gmail® has the mission of filling a gap in the G Suite with an application that adds essential features, giving the cloud environment a real boost, for the ones that make use of it! 

The Customer 

Gemstar Construction is a multi family construction company that provides nationwide services. They were founded in 1983 and have been growing ever since, by completing projects valued over $250,000,000.00. They are also part of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and are Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs (TDHCA) approved. 

Since the company has the goal of maintaining long-term relationships with their customers, contractors and key subcontractors, they needed to have all of their contacts' information updated and synchronized among the entire enterprise

The Challenge 

The Google Delegation presented several challenges for Gemstar Construction; the first one being that it does not allow users to share several contact groups simultaneously. The second challenge it presented was that given the fact that since construction staff is usually on the go (outdoors), it doesn’t always have access to a computer. Therefore they did not had the possibility to see their contacts on their mobile devices, as Google Does not synchronize contacts with Phones & Outlook either

The Solution

Shared Contacts for Gmail® had everything Gemstar needed to give a real boost to their contact management & help them to keep those impeccable relationships they have with their contractors and customers. 

Since the app is seamlessly integrated to Gmail and is supported on mobile phones, there were no third party tools needed, and the users could manage shared contacts directly from their Gmail. 

What did they Say? 

“Great App. It hit on exactly what our organization was missing with Google. Glad we found it. Will increase our efficiency for sure”. - Ben Miller, General Manager 

Are you experiencing the same issue Ben had? 
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4 Tips to avoid common sales mistakes by using Shared Contacts for Gmail®

The enterprise world  is all about up & downs, and every single business (no matter the size) make mistakes. However, making an error throughout the sales process can be exceptionally catastrophic. You might lose a customer, fail to close an important sale or let potential leads go!

This can happen by simply speaking with the wrong person or missing a key detail about the client. By collecting and synchronizing the right information for that specific contact, you can not only speed up your sales, but improve the entire vending process! Here are some tips to avoid common sales mistakes that can be prevented by collecting better customer data & using Shared Contacts for Gmail®

1.  Find High Quality Leads

Since a lot of the lead’s information  is generated through automatic systems, lead scoring isn’t 100% accurate.  However, you can improve the quality of your leads by adding job titles and social interests. Then, proceed to divide the different types of leads in groups in your Google Contact Manager. 

To create groups: 
-Click on "Gmail" at the top-left corner of your Gmail page
-Choose "Contacts"
- Select the contacts that you want to add to a group
-Click the "Groups" button, then create new.
-Enter the name of the group.
-Click OK.

2. Understand your customer 

Selling is much easier when you have an in-depth understanding of the person you’re selling to. If you know your customer needs and can anticipate their problems, your sales call will be a more enjoyable experience.  You could spend your sales calls asking several questions. However your customers want you to gather important data about them before you pick up the phone. Remember that if you use a CRM that is compatible with Gmail, you’ll be also to synchronize your contacts’ information in your phone with Shared Contacts for Gmail®!

3. Reach the right person

You might be contacting the right company, but if you’re not speaking to a decision-maker then you might be wasting your time... Instead of guessing who makes the decisions,take your time to investigate and put a little extra effort on identifying the key contact. Once you do it, update the information of the contacts immediately!

4. Distribute and coordinate your groups with your team! 

If there are multiple people trying to reach a prospect, you might all lose it! Why? Communication errors reflect poorly on your company as a whole. This gives the potential customer, an impression that your sales and marketing teams aren't organized enough.  Your customers want to feel like they matter and not as if they're just another name on the list. So keep your contact information synchronized  across your domain!

Don't know where to start?

Doing it is easy; since Shared Contacts for Gmail® is seamlessly integrated with Gmail, it only takes a single administrator to distribute the group of leads. Furthermore, everybody can collaborate at the same time to update each contact with the relevant information!

Great contact groups  can help to improve your sales process. Take your time to collect and maintain your contact data and you’ll soon see better progress!

Contact one of the G Suite Certified Experts from Shared Contacts for Gmail!

Partner's Spotlight: Injenia.it

Injenia Logo.png

Injenia is an Italian company that guides all kinds of business into a digital transformation with solutions that bring benefits, in terms of efficiency and efficacy, adopting an innovative approach to flexibility and simplicity. We decided to speak with them, and Alberto Buzzi (its CEO) told us more about his experience with Shared Contacts for Gmail®

Why Injenia?

Injenia has gained extensive experience, by providing assistance for hundreds of customers throughout Italy, both in public and private sectors. This of course, have allowed them to become experts when it comes to cloud consulting, strategy, deployment, customization & integration. They are (as their slogan says) “game changers”

Experiencing Shared Contacts for Gmail®

Injenia’s customers needed  an easy solution that would allow them to share their contacts inside of their organization, while using G Suite, since the Google Contact Manager didn’t allow it. Since they wanted to provide to their customers with a complete panel of Cloud solutions, to satisfy their needs in the G Suite, they partnered with Shared Contacts for Gmail®. 
The partnership helped them to grow their business by providing an easy solution for contact collaboration needs. When we asked Alberto how has been his experience with Shared Contacts for Gmail® when offering it to his customers, he said that his customers were really happy with the application. Partnering with us helped them to grow their business by providing an easy solution for contact collaboration;   “...it provided good answers to some important needs”  Added Alberto. 

The Shared Contacts for Gmail® Partnership Program is designed to help bring to your customers a full and comprehensive panel of Cloud solutions by filling a gap in the G Suite with an application that adds essential features to where they are missing. Interested in partnering with us? shoot us a message