How to share your Google contacts with your coworkers?

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To discover that Google doesn't really offer a feature to easily share contacts with users  across the same or different domains, can be really frustrating! 
However, you can solve this issue in a matter or a single click with Shared Contacts for Gmail®

What is it? 
Gmail Shared Contacts® is a plugin that offers such a  long desired feature.

How does it work? 
It works the same way as you share a Google Document: By clicking on a "Share" button! 
    1. The Admin creates a public address book 
    2. He selects the user or group of users that will access each address book
    3. The users will now see in their Google contact manager, the new shared group
    4. Users will be able to add/modify contacts in the shared address book

Find out more about the app in our website  or in the G Suite Marketplace now! 


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