Some People Just Aren't Tech Savvy

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Shared Contacts for Gmail® has just released another new feature that allows the domain admin to delegate levels of access! So now, some users "Can Edit" their shared contacts, while others can "View Only". No more worrying about "who changed what information" and "which contact details are correct" !! This is a major development and here's why:

Some People Just Aren't Tech Savvy

Olga is always on the road meeting clients, because she's a people person, so she needs all the most recent contact info, all of the time. But Olga isn't too tech savvy and she doesn't maintain the company contact database - that's Roberto's job. So, the domain admin can now share the "Clients" group with Olga and Roberto, but only give Roberto the permission to edit and add contact details:

How Do You Change the Contacts Editing Privileges?

Domain admin, you can assign editing privileges, from the Shared Contacts for Gmail interface®  and it will only take you a second! By limiting certain users to "View Only" and setting others to "Can Edit" , the domain admin can ensure that only the right people are making changes to valuable information. So even if Olga makes a mistake, contact information is always kept safe, secure and up to date by those who do it best!

Why it matters to YOU!

A company address book contains some of the most valuable information you have, and it is critical that this information is maintained, updated and kept safe - by the people who do it best. Just install the app on Shared Contacts for Gmail® Google Marketplace install page, and start sharing right away! Install Shared Contacts for Gmail®

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