Welcome to the Google Contact Sharing Blog !

Welcome to the blog dedicated for "contact sharing" among  Gmail Domains / Google users.
After analyzing the features of G Suite and surveying what users needed, we came to the conclusion that the possibility to share contacts was a missing feature in G Suite (Google Apps). This is why some enterprises were hesitating to switch to Google.
Even if Google doesn't provide an "out of the box" solution to share contacts, there are ways to collaborate on contacts and address books within G Suite

YES!!! it is possible to share contacts within a Google domain just like a Google Doc or a Calendar.

Here is a list with a few solutions or tweaks that will help us to share contacts :
  • • Google Shared Contacts API
  • • Third-Party applications using the Shared Contacts API
  • • LDAP Servers and Google Apps Directory Sync
  • • Google Apps domain Global Address List
  • • Google Apps plugins allowing to share contact groups (address books)
  • • Google Scripts

In this Blog, we will explore all the solutions and will keep you posted about new stuff that will help you to share contacts efficiently!


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