Shared Contacts for Gmail Now Automatically Syncs with Mobile Devices and Outlook!

Shared Contacts for Gmail® now offers an amazing feature that is changing the way businesses communicate and collaborate! Until now, syncing contacts with mobile devices and Outlook needed to be done manually every time there was a new shared contact. But now the admin can do it simply with the click of a button.

Now, once contacts and contact groups are shared via Shared Contacts for Gmail® , the domain admin can enable synchronization for any and all users. This means your selected users can have access to all the shared contact details they need, via Gmail, Outlook and of course, on their mobile device!

Enable mobile/Outlook sync with one click
To enable Mobile or Outlook synchronization for a specific user or a group of users, just turn on the "switch" for these groups and users.

After the sync feature has been enabled, all future additions to shared contact groups will be automatically synced with the mobile devices and Outlook accounts of those users who have the feature enabled.

Important note: "Disabled" by default
This new feature allowing contact sync is disabled by default, so the admin of the domain simply needs to enable it for each user who wants to sync their contacts with their mobile devices or Outlook accounts. So, each user can have all the contact information they need, whenever they need it.

Just install the app from the  Shared Contacts for Gmail® G Suite Marketplace install page. 
Shared Contacts for Gmail®  is an application for sharing Gmail contact groups (address books) across users of the same organization.
Save time, money and improves communication for companies all around the world. With functionality like this, you can't afford not to have it.


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