Success Story: RideCharge & Groups Manager Script

The Customer

RideCharge is a company based in Washington DC that operates a mobile application called Curb. Curb connects people to safe, reliable rides from professional taxi drivers and other for-hire chauffeurs in  nationwide cities. By bringing technology to the taxi and sedan experience, Curb is offering riders a choice with reliability and convenience whenever they go. The app provides services in 60 Cities with 90 Cab Companies operating 35,000 Cars.

The Challenge

Curb was looking for a solution that will allow them to manage hundreds of Google Groups without investing large amounts of time and resources. These Google Groups represent the different companies Curb is working with all around the country. So, certain contacts may be listed in numerous Google Groups and each time a contact needed to be updated, the information must have been applied to every instance in every group. This process could have taken huge amounts of time and is very tedious. The solution had to enable Curb to easily add/edit/delete contacts and contact information, and then have that information applied to all instances for that contact in a few groups, or in a few hundred groups.

The Solution

Google Apps Experts proposed a simple and effective solution to meet Curb’s specific needs. The solution was called “Groups Manager” and effectively allows Curb to manage hundreds of Google Groups quickly and easily. The solution comes in the form of a Google Spreadsheet which uses a script to link the Spreadsheet with Google Groups in the Admin Console. An initial mockup of the sheet was created and proposed to Curb. It was met with great interest:


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