6 Ways for keeping in touch with your contacts

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You know what they say... "Out of sight, out of mind"! Businesses are all about networking and creating bonds. Whether you have a small enterprise or a big one, it can take up to 6 months for most people to forget that you exist.  

When you do not keep in touch with your clients, they continue to move on and search for someone else to provide them with an answer for their needs. Therefore, in order to reach your full potential, you must keep in touch with your customers. When was the last time you contacted them?

Regardless the industry that you're working at, there are many  ways to keep people focused on you; here's a couple of tips:

1. Remind them that they chose you (and why)

Keep track of your customer's contacts and add as many details as possible in order to recall the uniqueness of that customer, in order to sound personable when reaching out. Then reach them after a certain period of time, like the anniversary of your meeting to catch up! Use this as a chance to charm them back.

2. Congratulate them for their success

With the current technological advances and the takeover of social networks, it  isn't that complicated to know what your clients are up to (that's what LinkedIn is for!).  But in order to be less impersonal, go back to your contact groups and send them an email. Reaching out to a customer during this time can make them feel appreciated and  they might want to continue their relationship with your business in the long term.  

3. Wish them happy birthday

It is a perfect excuse to reach out; celebrate,  and make your customer feel special! To input birthdays into your contact management setup can help you to know the exact date. Once again, if you collect as much information as possible of your contact, you will be able to know better when to reach out.

4. Summarize and recount a meeting

If you tend to call several clients or meet a lot of people face to face, it is recommended to reach out some time later with a message. This lets your contact know that you remember them.  Additionally such reminder, will help them to stay focused on what has been achieved in past encounters and will make that ‘push’ to move forward.  

5. 'Tis the season!

If you haven't started to prepare your business for the holidays, now is the time! In order to make the most of your sales, you can take advantage of a special occasion in the calendar and offer deals or discounts that might benefit your existing customers.

6. Make a  Campaign

If you're having a new product that might interest some of your existing or past customers, sent it out! But don't make it sound automatic or "massive". You could make such campaign targeting certain people in a context where you're trying to follow up.

Customer service and satisfaction should be the focus of these professional bonds. By using Shared Contacts for Gmail®, you can easily keep your groups of contacts organized and updated across your enterprise.

By following up with your clients you’ll set yourself in the spotlight and differ  from your competitors. Go ahead and create stronger relationships with those who chose you on the first place!


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