View Your Shared Contacts for Gmail® Detailed Billing Information

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Increased Awareness of Licenses & Renewal Cost

From now on, Administrators of Shared Contacts for Gmail® app can :
-See the exact amount of licences in their domain
-Check their renewal date and cost
-Upgrade to a new plan
-Add licences
-Change their payment information and communication preferences

All they have to do is click where it says “Billing
billing 1.jpg
Once you do so, you will be able to see all your information! 

 A New Way to Control All Your Billing Information

 billing info 2 .jpg

We want to make the most of our users’ experience and this is why we created a brand new way to see more information about your subscription! Now you will be able to manage all your subscription details in a single place.

Change your Communication preferences

Update your profile, in case your information is missing or there is something inaccurate or outdated:
profile .jpg

Change your payment information

payment info .jpg
Change or Add a payment method in the “Payment Information” section, in case your card expired or you only wanted to use one payment method in the past but wouldn’t like to be charged this way again.

Or simply continue to the app!

Share Contacts for Gmail® understands how critical it is to maintain your information updated and safe. So now you can have complete freedom of giving the app a chance, but with YOUR control!

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