Google Tip 101: How to “Mute” an email conversation

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In more than one occasion we become part of email lists, threads and conversations, just because we subscribed to a service, our name is in the Cc or in an emailing list. However, these may turn annoying or irrelevant at the time! 
Gmail has a feature called “Mute” that not a lot of people seems to know about. 

What does the mute function in Gmail means?

To “Mute” a conversation in Gmail means that you won’t see any further messages related in your main inbox. These ‘muted’ messages will be stored in your Gmail account but archived by default. This means that just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. In other words, you can still go back to these messages when you search for them, read them and answer them if you have time or these become of interest! 
Muting conversations can be useful in different situations like switching off notifications from particular automated services. 

How do I mute my email in Gmail? 

This is so easy, that it only takes two steps! 
Step 1: Login to your account go to your inbox.  
Step 2: On the inbox, select one or more messages. Then click on the  “More” menu and choose the “Mute” option. Or, if you are already reading a message, click on the “More” menu and follow the process for that specific message! 
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Unmuting a Conversation 

To unmute a conversation, you first need to find it. You can do this  by typing "is:muted" into the search field when you get to the “All mail” category of the menu of your left side of the screen. 
You can click directly on the "Unmute" option at your “More” menu  to unmute it again if you have it already open!

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