Google Tip 101: How to Restore Contacts from Gmail into a new Smartphone

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Gmail is a wonderful tool that not only allows you to send messages to others but allows you to maintain an address book. Every contact with whom you communicate is added to your Contacts by default. But now you acquired a new phone and have no contacts in it!

How to restore contacts saved in Gmail into a new device?

This depends on what type of phone you’re using; is it an Android or an Iphone?

For your Android:


STEP 1: Select the “Settings” of the device.
STEP 2: Scroll to “Accounts”
STEP 3: Select “Google”
STEP 4: Under the “Accounts” your Gmail address should be written. STEP 5: Select it and verify that “Sync Contacts” is checked.

For your Iphone:

STEP 1: Open your iPhone’s Settings app.
STEP 2: Tap Contacts >Accounts> Add Account> Google.
STEP 3: Enter your email and password.
STEP 4: Tap “Next”.
STEP 5: Switch "Contacts" on.
STEP 6: At the top, tap “Save”.
STEP 7: To start syncing, open your iPhone's Contacts app.

As for sharing contacts to your device

Use Shared Contacts for Gmail® ! The app will allow the domain admin to enable synchronization for any or all users. This means your selected users can have access to all the shared contact details they need, via Gmail, Outlook and of course, on their mobile device!

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