Success Story: Givaudan & Shared Contacts for Gmail®

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For Givaudan International SA., Shared Contacts for Gmail was the only Contact Sharing solution meeting their strict security and compliance requirements

The Customer 

With 25% market shares, 88 locations worldwide and 10,000 employees, Givaudan is the Market leader in the flavors and fragrance industry. The company, maintains and manage their relationship with their shareholders through a set of confidential mailing lists kept by a specific team.
They needed a solution that allowed them to :
  • Share their mailing list with a subset of users in their domains
  • Set access restrictions (Read only, editing rights…) to their users
  • Synchronize contacts groups with Google groups for mass mailing 
  • Allow granular event logging in Google Contacts
  • Abide by their security and privacy policy and server location requirements

The Challenge

The challenge was regarding features and security as, the mass mailing cloud applications on the market do not fully integrate with Google Contacts. Furthermore, mobile legacy contact apps do not allow to log every updates made by users in their contacts.
Not to mention that, none of the cloud-based contacts sharing applications or mass-mailing apps on the market could guarantee the data location or comply with the Givaudan Security assessment demands.

The Solution

Thanks to its multi-tenancy architecture based on Google Compute Engine, Shared Contacts for Gmail® was the only app that filled and met Givaudan’s 220 security requirements. Gapps Experts Inc. added tailored features for Givaudan :

  • An Audit log interface to track any update to shared contacts by the users
  • Secured daily local backup of contacts database
  • Synchronization of Google Contact Groups with Google groups for mass mailing

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