Success Story: For Myer Construction & Shared Contacts for Gmail®

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Shared Contacts for Gmail® allows Google Apps users to seamlessly collaborate on their contacts and contact groups from their Gmail Contacts Manager or their mobile phone, the same way they share Google Docs or calendars.

The Customer 

Fort Myer Construction is a leading contractor in Washington DC area and has helped the public sector, as well as numerous companies, to build and maintain their infrastructures.  Two of the many noteworthy FM projects are the George Washington Memorial Reconstruction and the Mythical Route-66 roadway rehabilitation.

With more than 600 craftsmen constantly on the road, supported by around 100 admin staff, all employees communicate essentially by phone. However, there was no viable solution to maintain a common, shared address book that would remain updated on each employee’s mobile phone. The idea was to find a solution that could synchronize their contacts with a web service that would push centralized address books maintained by Human Resources and Operations.

The Challenge 

Fort Myer Construction was renewing their entire mobile phones fleet for all their 600 employees with T-Mobile over a one-week deployment period and needed a solution that could be deployed in such short notice.They needed to restrict the use of their drivers’ mobile phones to only contacts and calls, and wanted the common address book  to be maintained only by a few admin staff. No EMM on the market can blocks contact editing although it was a strong requirement.

The Solution

In no more than 2 days, Gapps Experts Inc., created a G Suite domain for fort Myer, configured groups and MDM features, provisioned the 600 Google  accounts,  installed Shared Contacts for Gmail®  on their domain, uploaded the common contact list, shared it across all the users’ Google contacts and set access permissions according to the users’ authorizations.

Once the devices were delivered to the employees, the common contact list was populated in their phones. The application allows the contact list to be kept up-to-date by the HR Department..

What did they say? 

Jesse Castro (the HR Manager of the company) said 

“The marriage between Google Apps™ and Shared Contacts for Gmail® was the perfect answer to our fleet management requirements. We did not find any MDM solutions that was offering such fast deployment as well as granular contact sharing services”

This is because  Shared Contacts for Gmail® uses the same visual standards as Google Drive for an integrated user experience! 

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