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Injenia is an Italian company that guides all kinds of business into a digital transformation with solutions that bring benefits, in terms of efficiency and efficacy, adopting an innovative approach to flexibility and simplicity. We decided to speak with them, and Alberto Buzzi (its CEO) told us more about his experience with Shared Contacts for Gmail®

Why Injenia?

Injenia has gained extensive experience, by providing assistance for hundreds of customers throughout Italy, both in public and private sectors. This of course, have allowed them to become experts when it comes to cloud consulting, strategy, deployment, customization & integration. They are (as their slogan says) “game changers”

Experiencing Shared Contacts for Gmail®

Injenia’s customers needed  an easy solution that would allow them to share their contacts inside of their organization, while using G Suite, since the Google Contact Manager didn’t allow it. Since they wanted to provide to their customers with a complete panel of Cloud solutions, to satisfy their needs in the G Suite, they partnered with Shared Contacts for Gmail®. 
The partnership helped them to grow their business by providing an easy solution for contact collaboration needs. When we asked Alberto how has been his experience with Shared Contacts for Gmail® when offering it to his customers, he said that his customers were really happy with the application. Partnering with us helped them to grow their business by providing an easy solution for contact collaboration;   “ provided good answers to some important needs”  Added Alberto. 

The Shared Contacts for Gmail® Partnership Program is designed to help bring to your customers a full and comprehensive panel of Cloud solutions by filling a gap in the G Suite with an application that adds essential features to where they are missing. Interested in partnering with us? shoot us a message

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