Success Story:The Center for Corrective Exercise & Shared Contacts for Gmail®

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Shared Contacts for Gmail® is the simplest solution for sharing your contact groups with any Gmail or G Suite user, just like you share a Google Doc or a Calendar

You can share with no limits of contacts, groups or collaborators across your organization! The Center of Corrective Exercise (CCE) knew that, and they were very happy with the results. 

The Customer 

The Center for Corrective Exercise (CCE) is a center located in California, dedicated to help people reclaim physical mobility & strength, by utilizing advanced chiropractic care, orthopedic massage, and corrective exercise. 

The Challenge 

The organization needed to share client information across the company, in order for them to provide a better service by having organized and updated details on their customers. Since the Google Contact Manager does not allow its users to share several contact groups at the same time, neither synchronize them seamlessly, CCE could not share this information among the organization. Thus, facing a big limitation in order to improve their contact management. 

The Solution 

Andrew Clarke (the CMT of the company), decided to try Shared Contacts for Gmail® in order to solve the matter. Now CCE has the possibility to have organized and updated contact groups with all their client information. Furthermore, the organization can easily distribute the contacts to the appropriate person & the synchronization is fast. 

What did they say? 

“This app is awesome! It does exactly what I wanted it to do - share our company client information across our company platform” - Andrew Clark 

Are you experiencing the same issue Andrew had? 
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