Waiting is 'out'! Instant Synchronization is 'in' (New Chrome Extension)

In the past, Shared Contacts for Gmail® team have broken all the barriers for their enterprise users, in order to share their contacts seamlessly. But synchronizing contacts in a matter of minutes wasn’t enough. We live now in a world where most things happen in a split second. Therefore sometimes when users wanted to edit or add a change to their contacts , they couldn’t wait for the regular synchronization to push the updates to the whole team. But now changes and additions can appear instantly to all the users that have access to the shared group. That is what the Shared Contacts for Gmail® Sync Booster is all about! 

What is it?

The Gmail Contacts Sync Booster is a Google Chrome extension available to all the Enterprise Shared Contacts for Gmail® users. The extension will most definitely take group & contact sharing to the next level! This extension is used for detecting any change in shared contact groups and triggering the sync process in the Shared Contacts for Gmail® App. 

How to make it work? 

Step 1 
Click here to install the Chrome extension.

Step 2
Once the extension is installed, click on the icon and log in the account you’re using to share your Gmail contacts 

Step 3 
Make sure the users that have 'Add and Edit' or  'Add, Edit and Delete' permission, have installed and logged into the extension as well, repeating the steps above. This way all changes will be instantly synchronized for everyone. 

Step 4 
That’s it! There isn’t a fourth step because once your team installs the extension, you can give an instant boost to your sharing app. You can proceed to make changes in your shared contacts or add new contacts to your shared groups directly. There will be no need to open the app to synchronize the changes or to spend precious minutes for the auto sync to happen. 

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