Success Story: Lyska

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Share Contacts for Gmail® is a contact management tool, simple enough for everyone to use and doesn’t turn your customer management relations into an annoying admin chore. 
Lyska knew that they could use such functionality so they decided to use the app to simplify the process and save some headaches along the way. 

The Customer

Lyska is a young tech startup that plans and creates enterprise software solutions. Currently they are building an API to standardise eCommerce data. 
They believe that new technologies and digital tools offer several capabilities. But instead of making things better,these could often make things more complicated. Their goal is is to make things easier by the use of tech, and that’s why they decided to try Shared Contacts for Gmail® to manage their customers contacts! 

The challenge

Lyska needed a simple but effective solution that would provide the whole team a quick access to account names and contact information of their clients and would also be integrated with their email and activity management. 

The Solution 

Yves Schleich (CO-founder and frontend developer of the company), decided to try Shared Contacts for Gmail® in order to solve the matter. Now Lyska has the possibility to have organized and updated contact groups with all their client information. Furthermore, the organization can easily distribute the contacts to the appropriate person and the synchronization is fast.

What did they say? 

“Shared Contacts is simple to use and serves as the best alternative for a CRM. It's the best possible alternative right now as far as I evaluated so far.” - Yves Schleich 

Are you experiencing the same issue Yves had? Don’t feel committed and just try Shared Contacts for Gmail for free.
Are you evaluating wether you should use a CRM or a contact management tool? Then this article might help you evaluate the pros and cons of having a CRM.

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