Can you recall emails on Gmail?

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So, you’ve got an invite to a wedding from the couple from hell! They send through email clarifications! Yeah...those people! 

We’ve all got those know the can’t bring your kids to the wedding. Even though you know when they reproduce, they’ll insist little Tarquin and Tabitha attending everything! Oh, and you can’t get drunk because of Auntie Mable who thinks drinking is evil! 

Or perhaps the worst example, you have to pay for colour coordinated outfits for the pictures! OK - well, perhaps none of us have friends this bad! They sound like the worst people ever! If anybody suggests what they did, email whatever you want, they deserve it! 

Or perhaps you work at the US Embassy in Australia and accidentally send out a picture of a cat dressed as the Cookie Monster. In which case, I think I speak for the entire ‘internet’ - just let it be sent! We all love cat pictures! 

Sometimes though we regret what we write in an email! Sometimes what you’ve typed in the heat of the moment shouldn’t be read the other end. Either you’ve been too harsh, or perhaps, it's just not worth the drama. How do you recall an email on Gmail? Unfortunately, once it is sent, it is sent! You will have to live with the consequences! There is the ability though on Gmail to give yourself extra ‘thinking room’. 

Step 1 

Click on the cog in the top right-hand corner of Gmail 

Step 2 

Click on Settings

Step 3 

Go to the ‘Undo Send’ option and select ‘Send cancellation period’ as 30 seconds. Got to the bottom of the page and save settings. In future, you’ll have 30 seconds to ‘Undo’ before the email goes out. Don’t be these people!


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