How to schedule emails on Gmail

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Gmail is constantly improving, although when Google they don’t tell people about it, that change sometimes doesn’t feel like an improvement. Which is why Shared Contacts for Gmail® will keep you on top of the changes. 

At the beginning of April, Gmail rolled out what are arguably the two biggest improvements to Gmail for a long time. Firstly, it is now possible to schedule the time at which your email will be sent. Secondly, you can now send ‘confidential’ emails that cannot be copied, forwarded or shared with people who are not those you’ve sent the email. 

This Blog will deal with how to schedule emails. Look out for another Blog post in the next few days on how to send ‘Confidential’ emails. 

Why did Google make the change? 

There is a big cultural shift happening in most offices in regards to work emails. There is a growing realisation that employees receiving emails ‘out of hours’ are more stressed and have worse mental health than those that can ‘switch off’ at the end of the workday. This has knock-on effects in regards to employee retention and the quality of the decisions employees make. This Gmail update is an important tool to allow the sender to schedule the time that people will receive an email. Need something acted on the next day, but want to write the email at 6pm? No need to stress people out by receiving an email on their commute home. Schedule it to be sent at 08:45 am the next day so it is fresh in the receiver's inbox. 

If you are a home worker, you can even use this tool to schedule something to go at 09:05 am so it looks like you are already busy at work. 

Then you’ve got more time for that long morning shower / first coffee. It’s OK, we don’t judge, your office colleagues know you do it. Besides, studies show you are more productive than them, so you deserve that 5-minutes extra ‘me time’.

Step 1 

Click on the downward arrow next to the send button.

Step 2 

Click on the ‘Schedule send’ button.

Step 3 

Gmail should find your correct time zone from your IP address. If not, and you are travelling, you may need to do a little math. Sorry! Nobody likes maths, we know!

Step 4 

If you want to schedule the post even further ahead you can pick a specific date and time in the future. Click on ‘Schedule send’ and then you are all set. The email will go automatically!

If you realised you accidentally set the wrong date/time - no problem!

Just click ‘Undo’ and the message will revert back to a draft and you can modify the send time.

You’ll find ‘Scheduled’ emails on the left and side of your Gmail page. If you want to cancel the send or change the send time again.

If you click ‘Cancel send’ the email will revert to the draft folder. From there you can either discard completely or change the send time/date again.

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