The importance of contact sharing - why should you share contacts?

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While working in any organization, one of the most significant aspects of productivity is knowledge sharing. Thanks to aggregating information, your team can achieve better results. By getting access to more information, your employees can boost their performance. To fully benefit from knowledge sharing, you need to provide tools that enable sharing data and helps to automate this process.

You can say that sharing contacts is easy and you don’t need anything extra to just do it - however, this applies only if you have one or two contacts to share. With more of them, it becomes tricky and risky to share them over any communicator. This is where handy tools step up and make your organizations’ work a breeze. Shared Contacts for Gmail is just one of the examples - it makes sharing easier with the feature of creating numerous address books, sharing them and keeping them updated for everyone who has been granted access to them.

Read on to find out why your employees should have an easy opportunity to share contacts with each other - and why it is so important to deliver them tools that help in terms of sharing.

Save time

Do you know anyone who likes wasting time? We neither. Being productive at work is one of the keys to success. You may not think about it, but actually sharing contacts in any organization can cost a lot of time and annoyance of your employees who need to do it all over and over again, or update tools on a daily basis.

Saving time it one of the most crucial aspects of sharing contacts - and the reason of trying external tools for many. While typing in contacts manually can take many precious minutes and hours, using dedicated plugins boosts this process. Once you share contacts with your employees, you can also save some time of your customers and business partners, as the communication will be much faster and more adjusted to customers’ needs. Instead of spending time on tedious tasks, your customer service team or salespeople will have more time to focus on what is really important in your business.

[case 1]

You are in charge of organizing an event, there are four people in your sales team. You main goal is to sell some booths, right? Each salesperson has its own address book, some of them even have the same contact in their address book (let’s say, a contact to a very important decision-maker) but they need to update it individually if any new info pops out. It is tiring, time-consuming and, simply put, annoying. Why is that? Gmail does not allow users to share contacts with each other. As ridiculous as it sounds, it is true and can make work a nightmare.

Obviously, salespeople would like to work on the same, regularly updated in real-time, address book, to save time and efforts. With Shared Contacts for Gmail, you can share contacts with your coworkers and, therefore, seal your deals quicker.

As a salesperson, you can share your address book with the users and groups of your choice. You choose who can edit it or delete it, as well as some sync options. Even though you shared it with others, you still have some control over it. When you share the contact manually, you may lose sight of it. The address book you’ve created is now available for everyone you granted access to.

Contacts are synchronized, sales department is happy, clients’ data is automatically synchronized in the shared group, booths are selling fast. Simple as that.

You may not want to look back and try to share contacts over sticky notes.

[case 2]

Imagine a school where 100 teachers give lessons to ten classes, but there is only one leading teacher in each class who has contacts to all parents of the students. Then, imagine that one teacher would like to contact a couple of parents, regarding a school trip, and another teacher would love to get in touch with parents of a particular student who is extremely talented and should be sent to a special competition.

The struggle is real.

Whoever worked at school knows that it is one hell of a ride, and asking colleagues for a single contact may take ages. This is where Shared Contacts for Gmail comes in handy, helping big and well-structured organizations share contacts within teams. Hassle-free. And in seconds.

Enable smooth communication

How often does one client require contact from several teams? The answer is simple: very often. Sometimes clients need help from customer service, and sometimes your sales team needs to email them for another reason. Within one organization, every procedure can be simplified, once data are shared. Needless to say that it helps a lot if your team for some reason encounters a huge rotation, or when team members have days off. No one would like to be disturbed during their holidays with mails and asking about one single contact. So, if apart from taking care of your clients’ satisfaction, you want to take care of your staff happiness, do not let them react during the holidays and have everything sorted before their days off.


Take a look at our short & sweet case study with Lyska!

It’s as short as the implementation of our plugin is.

Support sales

Tools like Shared Contacts for Gmail can be helpful for the sales team while its members approach new customers. Your company’s agents can have easy access to potential customers that have already been contacted and to the new ones that are interested in your offer. They can be also brought down the funnel and everyone in the sales team can be kept in the loop. According to some tactics, the sales team should be divided: there should be some people in charge for prospecting and then in charge of selling and closing the deals. Sharing contacts can ease the pain of this process. It plays even more important role if your company does not operate on CRM and is not willing to get one. Well-customized Gsuite, along with Shared Contacts for Gmail, can successfully replace CRM and skyrocket your sales process.

Actions speak louder than words - and case studies speak louder than actions, so take a look at another example of successful contact sharing with Shared Contacts for Gmail!

Sustain the communication

Life is unpredictable. Even if you can count on your employees, you do not have control over their personal issues or even health. To avoid the situation when an unplanned absence of a team member influences your relationship with a client, you need to make sure that employees share important data, including contacts. The sooner you act, the sooner you can be sure that the data about clients and contacts is securely stored, and you won’t have to worry about any circumstances.

Managing 600 craftsmen is not a walk in the park. Especially, if your challenge is...

“They needed to restrict the use of their drivers’ mobile phones to only contacts and calls, and wanted the common address book to be maintained only by a few admin staff.”

Find out how Myer Construction sorted it out.

Secure your data

We can be sure that in almost every organization, employees share contact one way or another. That is why providing a plugin for that procedure is so crucial. With a dedicated tool, your company’s data will be safe. While sharing contacts, pay attention to managing access. You probably do not want everyone to access an entire list of contacts. You can share groups of contacts with the right employees and let them edit or update the list. Sharing sensitive contacts on a piece of paper or in the form of a sticky note is not really safe, and you need to admit it. With Shared Contacts for Gmail, you have control over who can edit, who can delete, and who can sync contacts in a common address book. This way, you can be sure that no one who is unauthorized won’t access your precious list of contacts.

How to share contacts for Gmail?

If your company uses Gsuite or even individual Gmail accounts for contacting and communicating, you are a lucky one! Even if Gmail itself does not offer any native features allowing for sharing contacts directly in Gmail, with a small yet powerful plugin available in G Suite Marketplace it is more than possible.

Shared Contacts for Gmail can be a game-changing feature for organizations that use the Google ecosystem for everyday work. Within the G Suite universe, your employees can share documents, spreadsheets, and contacts - and now they can easily and quickly share contacts. To get this feature, you can use a plugin, such as Shared Contacts for Gmail.

With the help of the tool mentioned before, you can not only share contacts but also manage permissions, so that the right employees can have access to appropriate contacts and edit them. But only if a manager enables that. The customization and settings are up to you and can really make your teamwork a breeze.

Shared Contacts for Gmail is supported on mobile phones/ tablets & Microsoft Outlook, and it automatically updates every single change on all of the devices. So that your employees have immediate access to the updated information, this solution is intuitive and easy-to-integrate with Gmail. That way, your co-workers can seamlessly share their contacts with each other and benefit from each other connections if needed. Your customer service team, account managers or salespeople will definitely thank you for that.

It is also safe, so you don’t need to be afraid of the leak of any sensitive data regarding contacts from your organization. Limited API access protects the privacy of your contacts so that no one unwelcome will not get your data. Shared Contacts are supported on your own domain, sub-domains, and on external domains so do not worry if you have an email address different than @gmail. We still got you covered.


Many companies underestimate the power of sharing contacts in the organization. There are many reasons behind it - some of them think it is not safe, others claim that they do not need it. There are also companies who do not implement it on purpose, for example, their sales team does not want to share their clients’ relations and contacts in fear of stealing contracts within an organization. No matter what your reasoning is, it is high time for you to open your eyes and appreciate the smooth contacts’ sharing. It can make work easier, more effective, quicker and more satisfying.

We truly hope that now you can clearly see the purpose of secure sharing of contact within the organization and will consider doing more in terms of sharing! Start today - use Shared Contacts for Gmail and boost your team’s productivity. It is available via Google Marketplace, easy, user-intuitive and very light, so no one will face any problems with onboarding and implementing to their everyday tasks. Good luck with improving your company’s performance!


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