Google Groups: who is in your Group?

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In our recent blog post, we covered the basic info about Google Groups - why you should start using them for your business and how you can benefit from them. Today, let us make this topic even closer to you by showing how to find out who is in a given group when you share a label with its members.

It is not as easy as it seems, but we’ve got a solution! 

Google Groups in short

Google Groups is an excellent yet quite undiscovered and underestimated tool. With their features, you can save a lot of time and work more efficiently.

However, it can cause some problems on the way. Users do not know who is in the Group. Of course, it matters when they want to share a Google Drive Folder or a Contacts label - they want to know who exactly will get access to some sensitive data or files, or who to contact when needed.


John teaches at Harvard University and wants to organize an academic & scientific conference involving external lecturers. For that purpose, he decided to work with an Event Planning Agency.

To make the communication effective, he creates two Groups:
  • Lecturers
  • Event Planning
To make the collaboration smooth, he also creates:
  • a Google Drive folder Scientific name “Conference 2020” containing all the documents related to the conference 
  • a Contacts’ label named “Conference attendees” in Google Contacts to know in real-time who is going to attend the conference
Then, John shares the Scientific Conference 2020 folder with both Groups. He also shares the attendees contacts’ label with the Event Planning group with Shared Contacts for Gmail®.

Houston, we’ve got a problem: users can’t see who is in the Google Group.

The main issue with Google Groups is: users cannot see who the members of the groups are when they share any file.

For example, one of the event planners - Jenn - wants to see who can access the Folder Scientific Conference 2020 within the Group. To do so:
  • She clicks on the Scientific Conference folder in her Drive
  • On the upper part of the Folder she clicks on the Share Icon (picture below)
  • She can see clearly that the Folder has been shared with both groups: the Google Group Lecturers and the Google Group Event Planning Agency. 
  • However, Jenn cannot see who the members of each Group are, even if she checks all the Sharing Settings.

Is there no way to see the contacts, then?


SHARED CONTACT FOR GMAIL® allows you to see Google Group’s members while sharing your labels

With the new version of Shared Contacts for Gmail®, everyone can directly have the full visibility of the Groups members while sharing their labels (contacts list)!

Remember that John shared a label with the Event Planning group to find out who will attend the conference?

Just take a look at how easy it is to see who the members of the Event Planning Group are. All he has to do is to click on Group Members once he has shared his label with the Event Planning Group.

It is hassle-free, transparent, and time-saving, but also nerves - John knows exactly who gets what.

See the members of the Google Groups while sharing your labels directly from your Google Contacts

Thanks to our Chrome Extension (available on the Chrome Webstore), users will be able to share labels directly from Google contacts, the same way they share Google Drive folders. Simple as that.

Once the label is shared with a Group , users will be able to see who the members of the Google Group are directly by clicking on the Group icon.

In the video below, you can see that John shared a label with the Event Planning Group and all he has to do is to click on the Group Icon to see the members of the Group!


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