10 of the best Chrome extensions for productivity

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Chrome is the most used browser in the world. Not only does it have many handy features itself, but another significant advantage is its vast library of addons. To make the most of Chrome while working, you can use plenty of additional plugins to add extra features to your browser and save time performing various tasks. We took a closer look at the solutions available on the market to find out which ones can significantly improve work quality. Check out our list of the best Chrome extensions to boost your productivity today!

Grammarly is a tool for proofreading. It provides a spellcheck, as well as synonyms, overall score and more. You can download Grammarly directly on the Chrome Webstore and have immediate proofreading in every text box - Google Docs, Gmail, social media posts and much more. It can help you craft grammatically correct and readable messages or articles with real-time proofreading. Recently, Grammarly added another feature that shows the emotional tone that your text is expressing.

Shared Contacts for Gmail is a must-have Chrome extension for organizations. Gmail does not provide a native option for sharing a group of contacts within a team. Fortunately though, Shared Contacts for Gmail does provide this essential feature. With this Chrome extension, you will be able to share a group of contacts with your coworkers or with G Suite / Gmail users outside of your domain directly from Google Contacts exactly the same way you share Google Drive folders.

This simple, yet significant option can be game-changing for many sales teams who have contact with prospects, since e-mail is one of the most powerful communication channels for them. Moreover, this way of sharing contacts is secure, so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your client's data.

Clockify can revolutionize your everyday work. Thanks to Clockify you can measure the time spent on particular tasks. We live in a fast-moving world and need to keep up with our to-do lists. One of the best ways to boost workflow is to optimize the time spent on particular assignments. By realizing how much time it usually takes you to complete a given task, you can take control over your workload. For example, if you notice that some jobs are too time-consuming, you can delegate those actions to your employees instead. The same optimization can be applied to your team by analyzing data from Clockify. You can manage tasks between different team members depending on their individual performance and abilities. Thanks to this Chrome extension, you can track your time from anywhere on the web with one click.

Save to Pocket is a handy plugin that allows capturing videos, articles, and other types of content, like memes from Reddit or links from Twitter. You can add tags to organize your Pocket and search for the desired content more quickly and easily. Moreover, your list of saved content appears on every device, so you can come back to an article that you have been reading on desktop when you are on the go and want to use a mobile. Thanks to this Chrome extension, you can save a lot of time on research and looking for the same piece of content many times. What’s more, Save to Pocket suggests similar content to that which you have saved, in order to provide inspiration as well.

Todoits is a Chrome plugin that lets users organize, plan and collaborate on projects. You can organize your assignments for the day and save websites as tasks (which can be useful, for example, when it comes to publishing blog posts). Moreover, you can check your to-do list directly from the browser so that you don’t have to open a separate app to manage your tasks. You can also assign tasks to other people via Todoist, making team collaboration smooth.

StayFocusd lets you set a limited amount of time that you are allowed to spend on given websites. Therefore, after browsing Facebook for half an hour, for example, this tool will block the website for the rest of the day. As such, you can be forced to not waste too much time procrastinating on irrelevant websites, and instead become more productive. It is customizable so that you can choose specific websites.

Loom is a video recorder for your browser. Instead of explaining in text a possible solution is for customers' problems, show it with a video! It is a faster and friendlier way of communication with your teammates and customers.

Noisli may be one of the most essential productivity Chrome addons. While working, you can eliminate annoying noises and set up a relaxing environment. Noisli enables playing background sounds that maximize your focus and, therefore, make you more productive. You can also use its timer for Productivity Sessions. It can be especially useful while working in an open space or remotely, to enable you to focus anywhere.

Momentum enables replacing the new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring to-dos, weather, and inspiration. Momentum's page will give you a moment to stay focused and come up with new ideas. Opening a new tab is always risky because we tend to use that opportunity to check social media profiles and other personal matters, but with Momentum you can learn how to stay on track with your productivity instead.

Dashlane is a password manager. During work, there is nothing more annoying than losing access to apps and accounts, etc. With Dashlane, you can securely store your passwords and autofill them to immediately log in to your online tools. allowing users to browse the Internet smoothly while keeping data safe.

We hope that the extensions described above will make your work easier. Remember that you do not have to use every available tool, but choose the ones that fit your personal needs and preferences. Try out a few options to compare plugins with the same functions and select the handiest and most intuitive for you.


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