How to get your organization ready for 2020?

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‘Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different.’ - this quote from C. S. Lewis has never been so accurate. We’re moving towards the new decade and the vast majority of business owners feel optimistic about the future, and a significant part of them expect their companies to grow. However, before launching a growth campaign or any other significant change in the organization, it’s crucial to prepare well. Although it’s always accurate and 2020 should be no different from 2019, the new decade will likely bring new challenges. Every organization should be prepared for them in terms of cybersecurity, automation and both online and mobile presence.

So if you haven’t started preparing for 2020, don’t worry, you can still do it the right way if you begin now and implement the following tips.

Embrace automation

Automation is inevitable and in the future, it will affect the growing number of sectors and people. It already happens as around 25% of jobs are already in jeopardy because of automation. At the same time, it can also be a good thing that frees professionals from manual, repetitive tasks and allows them to upskill. When some jobs become redundant, new ones appear. So if you don’t want to stay behind the competition, embrace automation and get the most out of it.

Make cybersecurity your top priority

Data privacy and cybersecurity are a big deal for customers and lawmakers. Especially now, when more and more people shop online and use online and mobile payments. If customers don’t trust their personal and transactional data to be 100% safe, they likely abandon the cart, go to competitors and won’t recommend such a service to anyone. In 2020, after the implementation of GDPR and similar regulations outside the European Union, businesses can’t afford data breach and security attacks. As a business owner, you need to stay updated with the local law, cooperate with trustworthy cloud providers, and develop secure password management systems.

Provide an excellent customer experience

Customer experience has become a part of marketing, which shouldn’t be surprising as never before clients had so many opportunities to share their good experience or disappointment. After all, an average Facebook user has 338 friends, and many Twitter and Instagram influencers have thousands and even millions of followers. Some of them tend to behave like harsh professional critics. What makes the right customer experience even more crucial is the fact that in many cases, it’s inevitable - customers need various touchpoints with the brand or business. Make sure that all of them are equally flawless - the website, mobile app, social media, email, call center and every touchpoint your customers expect you and your customer service to be.

Optimize your budget and let your clients do the same

Fortunately, times, when companies needed to pay heavy licenses of software with myriads of features they rarely or never use, are long gone. Thanks to the growing popularity of cloud-based solutions with flexible pricing plans and a pay-as-you-go model, people have the opportunity to pay only for what they use and when they use it. Check if your organization doesn’t burn the budget on tools and licenses you don’t need. Besides, let your clients do the same by offering them flexible payment solutions.

Don’t neglect industry events

In 2020, we’re living in a truly digital age. Still, it doesn’t mean that conferences, trade shows, and other industry events with networking opportunities are no longer critical. On the contrary, you shouldn’t neglect the possibility to meet potential clients and start building relationships with partners and future employees face-to-face. Attend both local meetups and international conferences as both have the potential to help you make impactful relationships.

Master Employer Branding

Speaking of future employees, employer branding (EB) is the next big thing. Attracting the right talent is a major concern for the majority of CEOs. In fact, 70% of them claim they need help with talent-related strategies. Employer branding, defined as ‘an employer's reputation as a place to work, and their employee value proposition’, may be one of the answers to this issue. Make sure you set up and Employer Branding strategy in 2020 not only to attract new employees but also to retain those you have. It can include reward & recognition programs, fast track growth paths, diversity policies, extra parental leave, attention to work-life balance and similar perks.

Improve loyalty programs

According to the research conducted by CrowdTwist and contrary to a common belief, loyalty programs are here to stay, and they’re attractive to the youngest of consumers - Millennials and Generation Z. However, they expect personalized customer experience, and they’re loyal towards the brands that care about their personal data, are communicate informally and funnily. If you have a loyalty program or are you going to introduce it, add the elements of gamification and give points or other credits in exchange for playing a game. Let them perform a quest instead of collecting boring points. Analyze the results and improve.

Update database(s)

The bigger the database of emails and phone numbers, the better? Not necessarily. Quality is much more important than quantity. If your email database consists of people who never open your messages, there is no argument in favor of keeping them there. Deleting such contacts will make your email marketing cost-effective. It will also increase the open rates and CTR, and you’ll make sure you reach the right audience.

As you can see, although 2020 will likely bring new challenges to your organization, it’s not so hard to get ready for them. Understanding your audience is the key. However, with the right mindset and the support of digital tools, you can make sure your organization will meet your customers’ needs in a modern, secure way.


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