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Manage your contacts’ sharing in the easiest way with our brand new Chrome extension, directly from Google Contacts Manager!

Thanks to Shared Contacts for Gmail, sharing contacts’ labels is easy, intuitive, and fast. All one has to do is to open Google Contacts, create a label, and share that label using Shared Contacts for Gmail’s dashboard.

But is there an even easier and faster way to share contacts?
A way that won’t require you to open multiple windows? A way that will enable your contacts to sync even faster?

Yes, there is! Follow the guide to find out more about it!

Sharing labels with Shared Contacts for Gmail’s dashboard is simple…

Take a look at our example:
Lena is a Shared Contacts for Gmail’s frequent user. She is a private yoga instructor, working in a yoga studio. She usually organizes yoga classes with Marco, her colleague.

Since most people around the world are currently locked down and staying inside their homes, she decided to organize online video training sessions for her clients. 40 people are interested in participating in the first online yoga session.

Lena wants to pass the list of attendees and their contact details to her colleague Marco using Shared Contacts for Gmail:

  • She opens a window for Google Contacts Manager and creates a label for that purpose (“Yoga Online Session”)
  • She opens another window for Shared Contacts for Gmail and shares directly from that window the label “Yoga Online Session” with Marco
  • She gives Marco the permission to edit, so that if people contact Marco directly regarding the class, he will be able to add their contacts details directly under the “Yoga Online Session” label

Lena finds it very practical and simple to share the “Yoga Online Session” label with Marco in thisway, BUT she wonders whether there is an easier and faster way to do so, to save more time and not have to juggle with multiple open windows.

So… could she share the “Yoga Online Session” label…. even more easily?

Sharing labels directly from Google Contacts Manager is twice as simple and fast!

At Shared Contacts for Gmail, we recently introduced a new Chrome extension - downloadable on the Chrome Webstore.

Thanks to this extension, all the sharings can be done directly from the Google Contacts Manager! In addition, the synchronization is twice as fast this way, as the extension immediately detects each modification in the Google Contacts Manager and it instantly launches the synchronization.

So how does it work? It is ridiculously simple and intuitive: you can share labels in the exact same way you share a folder in your Drive, by clicking on the share icon.

Shared Contacts for Gmail®

Once you’ve shared a label from Google Contacts Manager, you will be able to choose the permission you want to give. You can give another user the right to:

  • View only
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Share
  • Be the owner of the shared label

Lena now has all her questions answered! She can share the “Yoga Online Session” label with Marco without juggling with multiple open windows, AND she can save precious time and improve her productivity drastically.

She can easily choose the Edit permission directly from the Google Contacts window, so Marco can add any other relevant contact details when people contact him for their very first video yoga session!

Willing to give it a go? Try us out!

Fabrice HIARD

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