Discover Shared Contacts for Gmail®’s New Version!

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“Discover Shared Contacts for Gmail®’s New Version!”

Did you know that you can now upgrade your Shared Contacts for Gmail to a new version and enjoy many new features!?

These new features include:

1. The ability to share contacts directly from your Google Contacts Manager. This allows you to stay in a familiar environment, not have to juggle between multiple open windows, and syncs changes 3x faster because the Sync is now located inside Google itself and detects changes immediately. 

2. Two new permissions: "Can Share" & "Owner."

3. The ability to see the members of a Google Group that you share with.

4. An improved design of the app's interface, which is now more user friendly.

→ We have renamed "Groups" into "Labels."

→ You can see the status "SHARED" / "NOT SHARED" next to each label. 

→ You can now see the number of contacts inside each label. 

→ There is a new label search bar.

→ The share button is now next to each label. 

5. The ability to adjust the subscriptions in your G Suite domain by enabling the Auto-Adjust button.

This button adapts the number of users you have in your G suite domain and will avoid you having to add licenses manually. It will also allow you to save expenses if the number of users in your G Suite  domain decreases, as it will adapt to your subscription at the next payment renewal. 

6. The ability to see who your licensed users are by clicking on the dashboard.

If you would like to watch how to access all these new features and upgrade, please click on the Youtube video below.


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